Our Adoption Journey: Doug & Kim

We knew we wanted to become parents again but we weren’t sure what avenue to pursue. After reading an article in the paper several years ago featuring a group of families in North Carolina who had adopted an entire choir full of boys from Liberia, we knew our hearts weren’t ever going to be the same. Our prayers of direction were finally answered, so off [...]

Our Adoption Journey: Jim & Jane

For Jane and Jim of Texas, the idea of adoption had never been a subject of daily conversation; with so many other tasks at hand, the time just never seemed right. When the couple was unable to conceive biologically, though, Jane began researching international and domestic adoption programs. Although Jim appeared less interested in the topic while Jane continued research, the tables turned quickly when [...]

Our Adoption Journey: Mark & Leslie

Our adoption story began after hearing a sermon given by our pastor who had just returned from China with his new daughter. After the birth of our son, Dayton, 11 years ago, we were unable to have another child. We didn’t have many options when it came to adding to our family, and after hearing about our pastor’s journey to his daughter, we knew that [...]

Our Adoption Journey: David & Meghan

We are so thrilled since returning home from China with Miyah on November 8, 2006!! We talk daily about how we are happier than we ever thought we could be!!!! We are just so in love with this little girl—she has truly enriched our lives beyond words. It sounds cliché, but we cannot remember what it was like to not have her be a part [...]

Our Adoption Journey: Chris & Tracey

After having joined their biological families 12 years ago, Tracey and Chris thoroughly enjoyed time spent with their family of six. A few years ago, however, the couple wondered whether they should expand their family and have another child to love, which is when their hearts were led to adoption. With an indifference to domestic or international adoption, the two took their social worker’s recommendation [...]

Unselfish Love, Our Adoption Journey Part 1: Katie: In a Moment the World Stops

Katie turned slowly to look in the mirror, her sparkling blue-green eyes reflecting the worry she felt all day as she tried hard to focus on enjoying time with her little boy. Unable to shake the nagging worry as evening approached, she called her boyfriend to watch her 14 month old son Ryder as he played while she left to go to WalMart. There was [...]

Unselfish Love, Our Adoption Journey Part 2: Nikki and Adam Puzzle Pieces

Nikki and Adam, Pieces of the Puzzle. What an amazing day! thought Nikki as she started to fix dinner for her family. The fall weather was crisp and cool and after an inspirational Church service and visiting family, the children were playing outside “helping” Adam to rake leaves. Nikki felt a joyfulness fill her heart as she listened to their laughter echoing through the open [...]

Unselfish Love, Our Adoption Journey Part 3: Katie: Choices & Decisions

Katie sat on her couch, looking at the folders she had laid on the coffee table. Was she really about to do this? She walked over to the kitchen counter, and looked out the window.The sun was shining, cars were driving by and life for the rest of the world was moving steadily into the daily grind. Life was going on, while she was making [...]

Unselfish Love, Our Adoption Journey Part 4: The Choice and The Connection

Nikki and Adam were excited as they loaded up their car for their hour long ride to meet Katie, the birth mother who had selected them earlier that week . Before Adam started the car, they both closed their eyes, held hands and prayed. Saying a Rosary, they prayed for Katie, they prayed for her family and they prayed for their own family. Faith filled [...]

Unselfish Love: Our Adoption Journey Part 5: The Photo Shoot

Nikki was up early, enjoying her quiet time and thinking about Katie and her son Ryder. The past several weeks had been a whirlwind of incredible conversations, moments and lifelong connections. Nikki was amazed at how well all the children were getting along, especially Ryder and Michael. It was if Katie and Ryder had always been a part of their lives. Six more weeks until [...]


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