Our Adoption Journey: Scott & Jennifer

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After adopting three children domestically, we decided to pursue international adoption for our fourth child because we knew that there were waiting FAMILIES here, but waiting CHILDREN in other countries. We were open to children of any race, and after seeing pictures of children from Ethiopia we knew right away that this country was the best match for our family.

We traveled to Ethiopia to bring our daughter home in late November of 2006, and we would never have imagined that country to impact us the way it did. We absolutely fell in love with Ethiopia, from its beauty to watching how much people love their children. Although the poverty was overwhelming, everyone we came in contact with was smiling and friendly. Children who had tattered clothes, no shoes, and dirty faces, came up to us wanting hugs and just loved saying “hello.” We gave candy and bubble gum to the children and they absolutely loved it! It was like gold to them! We have so much more appreciation for the program in general because of what we saw and experienced while we were in Ethiopia.

We brought home Makenzie on December 1, 2006. She turned one on December 20, and she is doing great! It’s amazing to see how perfectly she fits in our family. God’s hand in our adoption is clearly visible. She has had a few health issues that we are working through, but overall she is adjusting well to the weather, food, and to all the family.

We are so grateful for Adoption Associates for bringing us together with our daughter. We are now connected to a country that means everything to us—it’s not just a spot on the map. We are so much more aware of our blessings and what we take for granted. We are humbled by our experience!

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