Adoption Associates, Inc. promotes domestic and international adoption for God’s glory. The benefits of our Michigan adoption agency offered to birth mothers, their children from unplanned pregnancies, and orphaned children abroad reflect the spirit of adoption modeled by God in Ephesians 1 of the Bible. While AAI is a Christian organization founded on Christian beliefs and values, our pregnancy and adoption services are open to clients of all faiths.

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Your donations to Adoption Associates are vital to our success in providing outreach and education about the benefits of adoption here in the United States, supporting and developing programs internationally, and placing children with special needs into permanent homes.



We are committed to making your Michigan adoption experience the best it can be. We accomplish this by employing a highly experienced and educationally qualified staff.


Richard Van Deelen – President

Founding Director, Adoption Associates, Inc.
Adoptive Father

Sally Mouw – Vice President/Secretary

Executive Director, Adoption Associates, Inc.
Adoptive Mother

Scott Patton – Treasurer

Government Consulting, Plante & Moran
Adoptive Father

Jane Bareman

Retired Executive Director, Adoption Associates, Inc.

Holly Vredevoogd

Adoptive Mother

Nancy Cannon

Retired Birth Mother Caseworker
Adoptive Mother

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Thank you so much for all that you have done for us. You have allowed our family to be complete, even more than we thought possible, because we didn’t begin adoption knowing how much we would value and treasure our birth mothers. We consider them family, along with our children. God has given us a bigger gift than we asked for; thank you for being the instrument that brought us together

We are so grateful to everyone at Adoption Associates for helping our baby boy to find us! Our caseworker and birth mother caseworker were great and always willing to answer our questions.

Words will never be able to describe what AAI has done for us. You came highly recommended to us, and you exceeded our expectations. We were extremely impressed with the professionalism, care, and support. Thank you with all our hearts!