Amber’s Adoption Story

When I look back twenty years, it seems like another lifetime. Maybe even another person. I was so young, and I was so focused on my plan. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I graduated from high school and received a four-year academic scholarship to Saginaw Valley. My life was going in exactly the direction that I had dreamed. The plan was to [...]

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Adoption is an Option

At the young age of 21 I found out I was pregnant. The father and I were discussing the option of raising the baby together, but when I was about 2 months pregnant we broke up. I didn’t feel that I could raise the baby by myself,  and abortion was not an option. So, after a lot of thought, between the biological father and me, [...]

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Birth Father: Know Your Role in the Adoption process

Suddenly, I was a birth father. What? When my girlfriend and I found out she was pregnant, we had both been well on our way down our own individual career paths. Not being prepared for this unplanned pregnancy, we both felt that our relationship wasn't ready to survive raising a child. In addition, we didn't feel it was best for the child to raise her [...]

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Adoption is Not Giving Up a Baby

Blog Talk Radio Transcript - AIR DATE: 2.19.2019 "Kaitlyn's Story - Adoption is not giving up a baby." (You may listen to the podcast by clicking on the audio link, or read the transcript of the podcast below.) The world tells Kaitlyn that she gave her baby up. That’s not how she sees it. Kaitlyn is a loving birth mother who made an adoption plan [...]

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Adoption For My Baby

My name is Emma and I chose adoption for my baby. It makes me proud to say that. When I found out I was pregnant, I was twenty years old, living at home, and I didn't have a job. An unplanned pregnancy was the last thing that I ever thought would happen to me. I was in such disbelief that I must have taken six [...]

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I Chose Adoption

Blogtalk Radio Transcript: "I Chose Adoption"  (You may listen to the podcast by clicking on the audio link, or read the transcript of the podcast below.) An unexpected pregnancy at a young age can be a real shock - especially when you find out you're carrying twins. Stephanie wanted the very best for her twin girls, so she chose adoption.  She chose to give them [...]

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Plan Adoption

Love is in the thoughts of many at this time of year. Below is a Valentine's Day story about a birth mother's love for her child. Teresa made the courageous and loving decision to plan adoption for her child. She chose Debbie and Rick to be the parents of her baby boy. David was born on Valentine's Day and placed into the arms of his [...]

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Putting My Child Up For Adoption – Amy’s Story

I'm Amy and I want to share my adoption story - an amazing story of love. Love for the child that I became pregnant with at the most difficult time in my life. The love of her adoptive parents who are raising her. And the love and acceptance of the people who helped me through it. It's amazing how something that seems like an impossible [...]

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Adoption For My Child

My name is Kara, and I chose adoption for my child. My child has two loving parents, a big brother, and everything she needs. I have the opportunity to see her occasionally, and her parents text me pictures and updates often. After the adoption, I finished school and even got the opportunity to go to college. If I had not chosen adoption for my child, [...]

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Amber’s Adoption Plan

Blogtalk Radio Transcript: Amber's Adoption Plan, Air Date: 11.21.2017  (You may listen to the podcast by clicking on the audio link, or read the transcript of the podcast below.) Amber, a 34-year-old mother of 3 had plans to finish her college degree when she learned she was pregnant. The birth father was not in the picture and Amber was struggling financially. She simply was not [...]

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