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Destiny’s Story

My name is Destiny. When I was 19 years old I became pregnant. I was very scared and confused, and had no idea what I was going to do. At the time, I wasn’t in a very good place in life at all. With a part-time job that didn’t pay enough to support even myself, I knew there was no way I could support a baby. And, I was struggling with some personal issues. I knew that I didn’t have the support I would need to raise a child at that point in my life. So, I started to wonder if there was a family out there who would want to adopt my baby. A family who would give my baby a home, love, affection, and a real chance at a great life. Maybe there was a couple who could afford to give my baby the opportunities that I didn’t have growing up.

The more I thought about adoption as a real possibility, the more curious I got. I started looking online for help because I really had no idea how to find the right family to adopt my baby. That’s when I came across Adoption Associates’ website. I started looking at all of the families who were approved and ready to adopt a baby. They were so open about how they wanted to love and care for a baby, and bring a baby into their home. I was able to see a bunch of pictures, and learn what they enjoyed doing, and what their hopes and dreams were. It was like I was able to start to get to know them through their online profile. I had hope – hope that I would find just the right family to adopt my baby. (click HERE to see what Destiny is describing)

I Made the Call

I decided to take a deep breath and make the call. When I called Adoption Associates, I was able to talk to a caseworker right away. She was fabulous! My caseworker kindly listened to me as I told her my story. She explained the process of finding a family to adopt my baby, and she answered all of my questions.

She was honest about the pain and grief that comes with making the huge decision to give up a baby for adoption. But she told me that she would be there for me, and that AAI provides resources for birth mothers both during and after the adoption process. And, that is exactly what happened. My caseworker supported me the whole way! I felt so cared for, and so respected. She understood that my decision wasn’t easy, and I will always be grateful to have had her by my side.

The Perfect Family to Adopt My Baby

With the help of my caseworker, I found the perfect family to adopt my baby. They seemed like such a great family when I looked at their profile. They had one child already, and they did so many amazing and fun things with him. And, I liked the thought of my baby having an older sibling. Someone my child could play with, and learn from, share special times with, and even fight with as siblings do.

I had always dreamed of traveling, but had honestly never had the opportunity. And traveling was something that they did pretty often. I was so excited that my baby would have the chance to enjoy something that I was never able to. When we met in person, something just clicked. I knew that they were my baby’s parents.

Giving Up My Baby

When the time came to hold and kiss my baby girl one last time, I whispered into her ear how much I loved her. And that I would always love her. That I loved her so much, I was giving her to a family who would give her the life that I couldn’t. And then I handed her over to her parents – the mother and father who would raise her and provide for her and love her unconditionally. It was hard. But along with the grief, I experienced joy. A joy in knowing that I did the right thing for her. I found the perfect family to adopt my baby.

If you’re pregnant and thinking about finding a family to adopt your baby, please call us toll-free at 800-677-2367 , text us at 248-919-8094, or send us a message and we’ll call you. Click HERE to learn more about the services we provide to birth mothers.

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