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Most families waiting to adopt domestically have a successful placement in 15-24 months after completion of their home study and profile.

The total length of time to complete an international adoption varies, but on average can be completed within about 12-36 months.

A home study is a pre-placement assessment of the prospective adoptive family, required for adoptive parents, conducted by an agency caseworker to determine that a family is suitable for the adoption of a child. The home study will include several meetings with the caseworker, including one in your home, as well as domestic adoption education requirements to educate you about adoption and prepare you for parenting an adopted child.

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Adoption is a permanent plan and biological parents cannot come back to take a child once parental rights have been terminated. The legal process is carefully monitored, and birth parents voluntarily release their parental rights prior to the legal adoption. The termination hearing or release is typically 2-6 weeks after delivery. A child may be placed in your home directly from the hospital on a legal risk basis prior to the termination of parental rights and this situation can put a family at risk of a birth mother changing her mind before termination.

Adoption Programs and Requirements

AAI is proud to offer a vibrant domestic infant adoption program (USA), as well as international home study services.

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