Have you wondered what motivates a birthmother to CHOOSE ADOPTION when faced with an unexpected pregnancy? It might be easy to imagine all the hard things in life she may be struggling with. But have you considered that she’s making this choice because of all that’s good about adoption? For her and for her baby?

We’re passionate about spreading the GOOD NEWS of adoption planning – that to choose adoption means choosing life! Choosing a bright future! Choosing to give a baby so many wonderful opportunities!

Please join us in our campaign to spread these positive messages! Watch our newest video to see firsthand why these courageous and strong birth parents chose adoption: FOR their baby, FOR themselves, FOR a bright future.

Why Tammy Chose Adoption

Tammy chose adoption because she felt it was the best decision for her baby. She already had two kids when she found out she was pregnant again. Unfortunately, the father of her baby had no plans to be involved in their lives. Tammy wanted all of her kids to have happy lives, so she decided on adoption to give her baby a bright future with a loving mom and a dad. She has no regrets, and knows she did what was best for all of her kids, and for her.

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I did it! I chose adoption for my baby!

Adoption Associates helped me find a loving home for my baby.

I feel content knowing that my daughter will be well cared for.

I want other women to know that they don’t need to be afraid. AAI can help you.

I’m glad I chose adoption because my baby is loved and has a great life.

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