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Birth Parent’s Bill of Rights

If you’re pregnant and thinking about adoption, are facing an unplanned pregnancy and not sure what to do, are wondering about finding a family for your baby, or looking for an adoption agency in Michigan, we’re here for you! We take our responsibility to provide you with the very best service so seriously that we created our own Bill of Rights for birth parents: Birth [...]

Appreciation For All Mothers

Last weekend was Mothers Day  - always a holiday filled with a range of emotions. As an adoption agency in Michigan, we’re constantly encountering those emotions related to: an unplanned pregnancy; making an adoption plan for baby; infertility; wanting to grow my family by adoption; etc. Our pastor read a version of the prayer below in church; I think it captures a lot of what [...]

Let’s Spread the Word

I just found out I’m pregnant and don’t know what to do. My boyfriend is telling me to get an abortion; my mom is telling me I have to keep the baby because it’s my responsibility. I’m not ready to be a mom! I can’t do this alone! I don’t really want to get an abortion, but I don’t have any other options. I heard [...]

Waiting Families Education: Adoption and Prenatal Drug Exposure

The waiting time is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about adoption and some of the issues that may need your attention as your child grows. We hope you use this as a learning tool to enhance your adoption preparation. Don’t forget, after you have read and reviewed this material, to log into to complete the summary in the Domestic Education section. A message [...]

Changing the Narrative

I can’t take care of another baby I want to give up my baby for adoption  I can’t afford an abortion It’s too late to get an abortion I can’t keep my baby I can’t afford another baby I don’t have any support to take care of this baby These are just a handful of the statements we hear from women contacting us about adoption [...]

BLOGTALK RADIO (Air Date 1.31.17): Aaron and Dakota Birth Parents – The Adoption Decision – An insightful look into the story of the birth parents

Air Date:  1.31.17  Aaron and Dakota - Birth Parents - The Adoption Decision Aaron and Dakota a young couple are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. This blog is an insightful look into the decision making process Aaron and Dakota faced when thinking about putting their baby up for adoption. You can click on the audio file above or read the transcript below: EPISODE: [...]

Freeland Food Truck Face-Off

Adoption Associates will be hosting an event at this year's Walleye Festival in Freeland, Michigan!  The Food Truck Face-Off will be on April 26 and April 27 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Main Street. Come join us for delicious food and friendly, good-natured competition. The nine food trucks involved have agreed to donate 10% of their proceeds to the work of Adoption Associates! [...]

How Do I Find the Right Professional to Help Us?

Adoptive and foster parents often need the help of professionals in order to meet their child’s needs. But how do parents know which professionals to turn to? In the fifth video of this series originally posted on, watch as Dr. Karyn Purvis and Michael Monroe offer practical insight about how parents should view the role of professionals, and which criterion to use in selecting [...]

BLOGTALK RADIO (Air Date: 3.12.19): Overcoming a Failed Adoption

Are you thinking about adopting?  Have you checked out your local adoption centers? Maybe you have been working with an adoption agency, but have decided to look into adoption in Michigan. We can help. Following is a transcript from our adoption focus podcast that aired 3.12.19. Although it is entitled  "Overcoming a Failed Adoption" it also points out the importance of finding a reputable agency. [...]