How to Place a Child for Adoption in Michigan

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place a child for adoption in Michigan

Adoption Associates has been helping pregnant women plan adoption for many years. If you are thinking about placing your child for adoption, we have several pre-approved families waiting to adopt. If you already have a family in mind for your child, we can process everything needed for that type of adoption as well.

We are a licensed Michigan adoption agency and have specialized in adoption since 1990. We’re happy to offer excellent services to both biological parents and adoptive families. All services to pregnant women/biological parents are 100% confidential and free. We offer support and answer all of your questions about placing a child for adoption in Michigan.

Click HERE to learn more about our services to PREGNANT WOMEN and biological parents.

Click HERE to learn more about our services to ADOPTIVE FAMILIES.

AAI offers a full range of adoption services and personalized attention throughout the entire adoption process. You don’t need an attorney or consultant – Adoption Associates provides every service needed to complete an adoption.

When biological parents choose adoption for their child, they do it out of love. We take our responsibility seriously and provide them with adoptive families who offer love, stability, and security. At the same time, we walk alongside biological parents so they can move forward with their lives, knowing they’ve made the best decision possible.

If you are a parent or expectant parent looking for a Michigan adoption agency, we are available 24/7. Please text us at 248-283-4673 any time, or call us at 616-667-0677.

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