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modern adoption

What is Modern Adoption? With today’s adoption options, you have the choice to place your child with a family and stay connected throughout your child’s life. If you are pregnant or have a young child and are struggling with your options, we can help. Our caring staff members understand that you want to make decisions that are best for both you and your child. If you are considering adoption as an option, our caseworkers are here to help you! We encourage you to reach out to us. Below are some of your options.

Open Modern Adoption

If you want a more open modern adoption, you’ll start by looking at profiles of available couples. You can choose the family and have the opportunity to meet them. In addition, you can start communicating with them and getting to know them if you like. You will plan the birth of your baby with the help of your caseworker. Then, after your baby is born, you can continue contact with the adoptive parents if you choose. It’s common for birth parents and adoptive parents to send texts or emails, exchange updates, and share pictures. You may choose to have ongoing meetings as well.

Openness can vary from one situation to the next. Your plan might be for just a little exchange of information and contact. However, you may plan for more contact and interaction over time if you choose. You and the adoptive family are not obligated to share identifying information, just first names.

Closed Adoption

If you want to, you can choose a closed adoption. You have the option to choose a family for your baby, or you can ask our experienced staff to choose the adoptive parents for your baby from among their waiting families. The adoptive parents will receive no identifying information about you, nor you about them.

Anonymous Surrender – Safe Delivery Option

In Michigan, there is a law allowing a parent to anonymously surrender a newborn infant. This modern adoption option is often referred to as ‘Safe Haven’ or ‘Safe Delivery’. After discharge from the hospital, your baby goes immediately to a pre-approved adoptive family. These laws are meant to provide safety for a baby and a confidential way for a parent to surrender a newborn baby. Michgan’s Safe Delivery Law allows a parent to surrender a newborn baby at a hospital, fire station, or police station. If you feel that you Safe Delivery might be a good option for you, you may confidentially contact us or talk with a social worker at your local hospital.

Please click HERE for more information about placing your baby for adoption.

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