Teen Pregnancy

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My Story

I was 17 years old, living with my parents, raising a child, trying to finish high school, and pregnant again. What was I going to do? How was I going to take care of two kids while still trying to finish school and hold down a job? This is what I was thinking and contemplating about only three years ago when I was experiencing another teen pregnancy.

Being a Parent

Being a parent is not easy, as I already knew. Diapers, formula, childcare, clothes, and the list goes on and only gets longer as they grow. Doing it alone makes it even harder. You need to work to be able to afford the things you and your child need, and then when you work, you have to place the child in the care of others which also can be expensive. Oh, and don’t forget about patience. You’ve got to have that too, and lots of it. In the beginning there are middle of the night feedings, crying through the night, colic, lots of dirty diapers, formula stains, doctor appointments and so little sleep.

I don’t say all this to scare you from parenthood. I say it for you to examine your options when faced with a teen pregnancy. Adoption is a loving option for both mother and child. Adoption is carrying a child to term and placing her with a family at the time of delivery. When I became pregnant for the second time as a teen, I knew I had to weigh out all the options. I turned to the people from Adoption Associates to find out more about the process of adoption in Michigan and how they could help me through it.

AAI Made me Feel Comfortable

They opened their arms to me as if I was part of their own family. They explained all the ins and outs of adoption, and did not force me to do anything that I didn’t want to do. I was able to pick a family to raise the baby, meet with them, and set up a schedule to receive pictures and letters from the family about the progress of the baby.

My Child is Loved

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that this child that I brought into the world is being cared for by a two-parent, loving home with brothers and sisters who love and care about her. I truly enjoy and look forward to going to the mail box and finding pictures of her and little notes about her progress. I know that she is growing up to be a beautiful young lady. I so much appreciate how the people at the adoption agency contributed to the well-being of both myself and my child. They were so helpful, and did everything that they could possibly do to make me comfortable during my pregnancy, content at the hospital, and content with my decision to place my baby for adoption. Everything was my decision, I had a choice in every aspect, and they didn’t belittle my opinions or push my decisions in any way.

Adoption Was the Best Option for Me and My Baby

I’m not going to tell you that it’s easy to place a baby for adoption, but I can tell you that I believe that this was the best option for my child. After all, don’t you owe it to your baby to look at your options, obtain factual information, and then make an informed decision based on this information? Adoption Associates can help you just like they helped me when I was experiencing a teen pregnancy.

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