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What is a Profile?

An Adoptive Family Profile introduces you to birth parents considering adoption. The profile is a combination of pictures that depict yourselves, your family, and your lifestyle. It includes written text that describes you. You will put it together with the assistance of our profile consultant. A profile should be an authentic and accurate depiction of you – something that is unique to you, and highlights your great qualities. An outstanding profile is very important in the process of adopting in Michigan because it leads a birth mother to choose you as parents.

How is a Profile Created?

Our profile consultant will guide you through the entire profile process. You email pictures and information to the consultant who puts it together for you in an appealing format. The result is a quality profile that uniquely represents you.

What will our Profile Look Like?

The completed profile is an electronic book. It can be viewed online or shared with birth parents directly, via email or text. Birth parents are given a tablet for viewing profiles if needed. When you have given the final approval to your profile and have an approved home study, AAI will activate your profile. Your profile appears on our website and within our internal systems. Adoptive couples access their electronic profiles by logging into a portal. You keep your profile current by adding photos and information often.

What will Birth Parents be Looking for in our Profile?

Birth parents usually look for specific things as they search for parents for their baby. They often consider whether or not there are other children in the family. They look at your hobbies and interests. Birth parents often look for things they have in common with you because it creates a connection. They might consider your religious preferences. Sometimes it’s just a feeling they get about you that makes them feel comfortable.

When we select profiles to show to birth parents, we consider the characteristics that you are open to as well. We track how often your profile is shown over time. Your caseworker will discuss this with you and share any helpful hints for updating your profile. When you are chosen by a birth mother, we consider it a ‘link’ or ‘match’.

What is Personal Networking?

We encourage adoptive families to do their own personal networking too when adopting in Michigan. Our profile consultant will help you make a video, set up an adoption Facebook page, or create your own blog or website. You have the choice to use the networking tools you feel most comfortable with.

Click HERE to see profiles that adoptive parents have created for their domestic infant adoption process.

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