Unselfish Love, Our Adoption Journey Part 3: Katie: Choices & Decisions

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Katie sat on her couch, looking at the folders she had laid on the coffee table. Was she really
about to do this? She walked over to the kitchen counter, and looked out the window.The sun was shining, cars were driving by and life for the rest of the world was moving steadily into the daily grind. Life was going on, while she was making decisions that would change lives forever.

The week before while at her appointment at a women’s clinic, Katie had asked about adoption. She was now almost six months pregnant and Katie knew she had been over and over in her head all of her choices. She now needed to make decisions! Katie called the Adoption Agency number she was given and spoke to a warm and compassionate woman, who listened and explained about adoption.They both agreed to have a case worker come out and talk to Katie one on one.

So here Katie was, while her son Ryder was down for his nap, having to select a family. The questions raced through her mind over and over. How could she ever find a family good enough to raise her unborn child? How would she know for sure they were the right family? Could she trust herself to make the right choice?

Taking a deep breath she sank back down on the couch and grabbed the stack of twelve family profile folders. Saying a prayer to God for help, she turned the first page. What a beautiful family! thought Katie. Looking at the picture of the Mom and Dad and three children as they smiled at the camera.The father Adam looked strong and supportive, and Nikki the mother was a stay-at-home mom; their three children Krista age 8, Nate age 6 and Michael almost a year looked healthy and so happy. The profile showed how they spent time as a family going to sporting games, being outdoors, going to church.Their life looked solid and amazing.They were young, active and she could see, very loving with each other. If all the families are this incredible how will I ever decide?

As Katie stared at their profile a warm feeling suddenly came over her, like a comforting blanket on a cool night. A calm knowing filled her entire body and her gut began to feel an ache. She began to think…. and suddenly she knew. This was her family! She was 100% positive! Her logical brain nagged her to be dutiful and look at all the profiles and so she continued to glance through each folder. But it was useless. Adam and Nikki were the family for her child. She grabbed the phone and called the adoption agency. They probably thought she was crazy when she excitedly asked them to please not give her family to anyone else. Katie knew she could not take that chance.

She heard Ryder jabbering to himself in the monitor, and her heart filled with love. Her anxiety over not knowing what to do had ebbed, and for the first time in weeks she felt peace in her world. Her decision was made.

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