Unselfish Love, Our Adoption Journey Part 7: Waiting, Nikki & Adam

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As Nikki walked quickly down the grocery story aisle, she glanced at the phone she had set on top if her purse just to ensure she had not missed any calls. She stopped by the produce department to make sure she had her sound up loud enough.There was no way she was going to miss “the call” from Katie telling her she was in labor and baby Shane was about to make his appearance. It was a month heading into Katie’s due date and everyone was on edge just waiting for “ the call “.

Since they first met, Nikki and Katie had spoken almost every day. Nikki made Katie promise to start every conversation with “I am NOT in labor” so that she would know right away what was happening.They would laugh every time but underneath it Nikki knew Katie was ready emotionally and physically to go into labor and give birth to Shane. Katie was such a trooper, but the Braxton Hicks contractions which seemed constant were exhausting both emotionally and physically. Nikki admired Katie as she continued to be a good mom to Ryder and purposeful in her adoption plan, never wavering.

Because everyone had so believed that Shane would come early, this last month seemed to go on endlessly. Every morning Nikki would plan out exactly what they were doing that day so if Katie called and was in true labor Nikki could then make arrangements. Her parents were planning on coming into town to watch the kids but Nikki needed to make sure she had someone to be with them until her family arrived. So, everyone, every day was anxiously waiting and praying.

The weekend before Katie’s actual due date, Nikki and Adam were at her cousin’s wedding. They had looked forward to the event for months and both she and Adam hoped to relax and have some adult time. The crazy part though was that every time they went onto the dance floor as soon as the song ended they would anxiously run back to their phones just to check and see if “the call” had come. Throughout that night and the rest of that weekend, the level and intensity of anxiety rose for everyone.

On Katie’s due date Nikki and Adam prayed little Shane would make his debut. But “the call” did not come. Nikki and Katie chatted throughout they day, excited and anxious because it had to happen soon. So together, they all prayed and waited…and waited.

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