Unselfish Love, Our Adoption Journey Part 9: Shane’s Arrival

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As Nikki put on her gown she kept praying that Katie and Shane would be okay. Katie was struggling as she felt like she just could not breathe, and she kept gasping for air, yelling “I can’t breathe! I can’t get air!”. The doctors were scrubbing and ready to begin on the other side of the curtain which separated Katie and Nikki from seeing the incision.

Nikki was so proud of Katie; she had worked so hard through her last few days of intense labor and she was exhausted. Nikki just kept reassuring her everything would be okay. It was over so quickly and the doctor gestured to Nikki to glance over the curtain. Everything melted away as Nikki saw Shane for the first time. She was witnessing his first moments of life out of the womb and she was incredulous at this miracle. Shane took a breath and let out the loudest scream. Nikki was sure the entire hospital had heard his high decibel announcement of “I am here!”. His spirit was strong like Katie’s.

As the nurses examined Shane, Katie was taken to recovery where she slowly became more alert to her surroundings. Nikki assured her everything was fine. Shane was beautiful and healthy. Katie then drifted off to sleep. The nurse brought in Shane and Nikki and Adam took turns cradling his perfect body just soaking up his beauty. He was their son but he was also Katie’s.They were saturated in the wholeness of this moment, connecting as parents to their son.

When Katie woke she held him close and looked at the miracle that he was, examining his perfect little body. She then gave him to Nikki. Her emotions were wrapped up in the birth experience. Her heart, although feeling the edges of loss, was wrapped in the joy that she was part of creating his life and also part of Nikki and Adam’s lives. She knew Shane was their son, too, to raise and nurture forever.

Nikki felt so connected to Katie. Having experienced her love and determination over the last two days, she knew the bonds of motherhood could never be undone.They were in this journey together and Nikki knew God had graced them all. “Katie was so strong,” thought Nikki. He was born of her but to be raised by them. A gift of the heart born with ties of never-ending love. Katie’s strength was incredible.

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