Adoption Agencies in Michigan

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Looking for an adoption agency in Michigan? Adoption Associates has over 30 years experience and is here to help you no matter where you’re located in Michigan. AAI’s infant adoption program opened in 1990 and since that time we’ve been helping pregnant women who are planning adoption find permanent families for their unborn children. AAI has assisted with thousands of adoptions of infants right here in the United States.  AAI helps bring expectant parents and adoptive families together. In addition, AAI can help if you have already identified and established a relationship with a birth mother.

Adoption is so much more than just a legal process! Expectant parents, adoptive parents, and children are expertly, fully and uniquely cared for throughout the adoption process. AAI is a local, reputable, experienced, licensed adoption agency in Michigan. We provide adoption services in Michigan to meet everyone’s needs. Furthermore, Adoption Associates has an in-depth understanding of Michigan law and adoption requirements. Staff members are available 24/7 for immediate help and services. We have five locations across the State of Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula. We will travel to your area no matter where you’re located. Adoption Associates has built strong relationships with referral sources, hospitals, and courts to help provide excellent service to clients in any area of Michigan.

Advantages for Adoptive Parents Who Work With AAI

  • Our infant adoption program opened in 1990, and since that time we’ve been helping pregnant women who are planning adoption find adoptive families for their unborn children.
  • We’ve assisted with thousands of adoptions of infants right here in the United States, and we can help you if you’ve already identified and established a relationship with an expectant parent.
  • Many expectant parents are interested in developing a relationship with the adoptive family before their baby is born. We support all types of adoption (fully open, semi open, closed) based on the desires of expectant parents and adoptive families. We carefully work with expectant parents and adoptive parents to identify their preferences.

Advantages for Expectant Parents in Working with an Adoption Agency in Michigan

  • At Adoption Associates, we are here for you. We understand your feelings, fears and questions. We will talk with you honestly about your options and provide you with resources to help you make the best decision for your child.
  • Your caseworker will work closely with you throughout the process. She will give you an understanding of the adoption process and determine the amount of contact you wish to share with the family and your child. In addition, she will provide emotional support, and talk with you about the plans you want for the hospital.
  • We want to make sure that you and your baby are well cared for. We can help find a clinic or doctor, and file a Medicaid application.
  • Our staff or the adoptive family can also assist you with transportation to appointments, or we can help you access community transportation in your area.
  • Financial assistance is available in some cases when working with an adoption agency in Michigan.

Let AAI Work for You

When birth mothers choose adoption, we believe this to be a tremendous act of love for their babies. And, we take our responsibility seriously – providing them with potential adoptive families who offer love, stability, and security. In addition to agency matched adoptions, Adoption Associates can help when a birth mother and an adoptive couple have already established a relationship on their own.

We’re proud of the caring and compassionate services our caseworkers provide to expectant parents. We walk alongside birth parents so they can move forward with their lives, knowing they made the best decision possible. In addition, we’re passionate about our excellent adoptive parent home study services, legal services, personalized attention, and ongoing support after an adoption is complete.

AAI is the adoption agency in Michigan that can help you throughout the entire adoption process. Additionally, we provide adoption services anywhere in Michigan, and have assisted with thousands of adoptions. AAI has offices in and around Mid Michigan, Lansing, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and the Upper Peninsula.

If you are pregnant and would like to learn more click HERE. Or, contact one of our caseworkers about your adoption options. Call 800-677-2367 or text 248-919-8094.

If you are thinking about adopting a child, click HERE for more information. In addition, we welcome your call at 800-677-2367 .

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