What is Safe Delivery?

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You may be feeling like you’re not ready emotionally or financially to be a parent. Maybe you have been able to keep your pregnancy a secret. But now what? You have a choice to take your newborn to a safe place. If your baby is three days old or less, you may legally surrender your newborn to an employee of a hospital, fire department, or a police station. If you have not yet given birth, you may go to the hospital to deliver your baby safely, and then surrender your baby before leaving the hospital. You and your baby are protected under Michigan’s Safe Delivery law (also referred to as Safe Haven).

Safe Delivery is a legal way to anonymously surrender a baby who will be immediately placed with a pre-approved adoptive family. If your baby needs medical attention, he or she will receive it. The professional staff person who accepts the baby will contact an adoption agency like Adoption Associates. Social workers will place the baby with a qualified, pre-approved adoptive family. There are so many families who want to adopt, and dream of loving and providing for a child. The plan is to make sure your baby has a good home where he or she can grow up healthy and happy.

You can leave without giving your name. It would help the baby if you gave some basic health information. However, you do not have to answer any questions. It is YOUR choice. Any information that you choose to provide to professional staff is strictly confidential.

Learn more about Safe Delivery HERE.

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