A Birthmother’s Reflection: Crystal

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I was 24 years old when I found out I was pregnant and I already had a 13 month old daughter at home. I had been separated from my husband for eight months at the time I got pregnant. He was not the father of the baby. Due to one poor choice that I later regretted, I did not know who the birth father was.

I was living with my parents and was afraid to tell them about my unplanned pregnancy. When I did tell them, they kicked me out, just like I thought they would. I found a place to rent, but even working two jobs I still could not make ends meet. I had to live in a shelter for a short time. I don’t ever want to live like that again.

After I found Adoption Associates, I knew what I wanted to do for both of my children. I knew adoption would give a future to my unborn baby, and it would let me give my older child what she needed.

I was able to meet the adoptive couple I had chosen from profiles the agency gave me. They were so loving and understanding. I thought of them as the baby’s parents from the time that I met them, and the adoptive mom went with me to doctor appointments.

In September, I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. The adoptive mother was with me in the delivery room, and the adoptive father was nearby also. I had the baby with me in my room, and the adoptive mother was there the whole time. It made it easier for me to say goodbye to my baby when I knew how great his adoptive parents were.

Planning adoption for my baby has made me a stronger person. It also helped me get my family back, as my husband and I have gotten back together. My daughter has a better future ahead of her also.

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