A Birthmother’s Reflection: Ashley

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Ashley came into the McDonalds, anxiously looking for someone who “looked” like an Adoption Case Worker. She ordered fries and a soda and found a seat in the back of the fast food restaurant where she could watch everyone coming in. The Case Worker she spoke to sounded nice on the phone and she answered all her questions with out cutting her off, even when she began to cry. Besides the volunteer at the Crisis Pregnancy Center who verified her pregnancy, Ashley had not shared her interest in adoption with anyone else.

Thinking back on her experience at the Crisis Pregnancy Center she was so grateful for her choice to go there for a free pregnancy test. Ashley had thought she might be pregnant but wanted to be completely sure. When she called the Center they told her they would test her for free but also provide her with support and counseling if she was pregnant. When she got there the lobby was decorated in soft but professional colors and the young girl at the front desk was warm and friendly. Ashley felt comfortable even though she was emotional about the possibility of being pregnant. When the woman told her that she was definitely pregnant and they figured out how far along she was, Ashley could feel the woman’s concern for her. As they talked about options Ashley’s head was spinning, but in her heart she knew she could not keep this child. She asked for some information on adoption and they let her watch a video that explained how adoption could be a choice. Ashley watched couples explain open adoption and even a birth mom explain how she had made positive changes in her life because of choosing adoption. Ashley never knew that in adoption she could make a birth plan and choose the adoptive family for her child.

Ashley knew she needed to know more about adoption. So she sat ready to meet the caseworker she had spoken to from the adoption agency. Ashley looked up nervously and in walked a lady who seemed to be looking for someone. Ashley liked her smile as she came over. This was the begininng of a time that would change her life forever.

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