Change a Life

Spread the Word

In this Christmas season where our children are being clobbered by the consumer culture we invite you to practically teach them how they can make a life changing impact through giving of their time and resources….not just yours!

Rally the troops whether it be your child’s classroom, Sunday school class, extended family cousins or sports team and invite them to join the “Change A Life” baby bottle collection.  It’s simple…. give each child in the group an empty baby bottle and challenge them to fill the bottle with loose change or dollar bills.  In order to have the most impact, empower the children to be responsible to earn their donation by doing chores around the house, helping out a neighbor, cleaning out your vehicles or giving up a Christmas gift in exchange for the cash.

It usually works best if children are given a week for their collection with a celebration at the end of the week for the funds they have collected to bring formula, medicine, nanny care and HOPE to children without parents living in one of AAI’s orphanages in Ethiopia.  Send your donation to AAI and we will be able to send you photos of the orphanage that their quarters, dimes and pennies will be sent to.

Watch your children light up with excitement when they hear about this opportunity because deep within each of us we will really have a desire to make a difference in the life of another!

If you have questions about how to implement this project in your church, home or school please contact us at 616-667-0677 for tips or suggestions.

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