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When you found out you were pregnant, many different emotions rushed through you – surprise, confusion, regret, excitement, fear. Even though you’ve seen it happen to other people, you never thought it could actually happen to you. We know you’re overwhelmed, but you can educate yourself about the choices you have. Adoption is one of these choices: one that gives you – and your baby – a wonderful and bright future. If you’re considering an adoption plan, Adoption Associates can help if you.

Why Choose Adoption?

Some of the reasons birth parents choose to make an adoption plan are because they:

  • are opposed to abortion.
  • realize they lack the stability or maturity to be good parents at this time.
  • have other children and do not have the resources to raise another child.
  • do not have the time to effectively provide for the child’s needs because of work or school.

Planning adoption is not about your ability to parent; it’s about timing. Is it the right time for you to be a parent?

Why Choose Adoption Associates?

We care about what happens to you and your baby, and we have years of experience helping birth parents find the best solution for their unplanned pregnancies. The most courageous people in the world, our birth parents, deserve the best. We will take care of every detail of the adoption plan.

Already Parenting?

The majority of the birth mothers we serve are already parenting at least once child. We know you do all you can to provide, but adding one more child at this point could reduce the quality of life for your first responsibility – the children you already have. Adoption provides your unborn child with a loving and bright future while allowing you to focus on the needs of your children at home.

Our Staff

You will feel at ease and nurtured by our seasoned staff of birth mother caseworkers. They will walk this path with you and help you make the best decision for you and your child. A decision that you can find peace with as you move forward.

Your Options

You can select the adoptive parents for your baby and choose to continue contact with the family after the placement. There is a variety in levels of openness. A caseworker will help you make an adoption plan you feel is best.

For Birth Fathers

Birth fathers may be involved in the adoption plan and participate in the legal process. Birth fathers who support adoption understand that being a parent means ensuring all of his child’s emotional, social, physical, and financial needs are met. When neither birth parent is able to meet these needs, an adoption plan can assure you that these needs will be met.

Medical & Living Expenses

Adoption costs you absolutely nothing. We may be able to help with necessary living and medical expenses if the pregnancy disrupts your regular income. Financial assistance is available in Michigan, but may not be available for all birth mothers and is not legal in some states.

The Adoptive Family

You can choose a family for your baby from the parents screened by our staff, or you may choose someone who has been recommended to you by someone you trust. If you wish, you can get to know the adoptive parents during your pregnancy.

Legal Process

All legal arrangements are made for you. No attorney is necessary. After the baby is born, there is a short court hearing where you will sign a release of parental rights. Paperwork is then filed, making the child a permanent member of the adoptive family.


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