Special Needs. A term that tends to cause trepidation in the hearts and minds of many. A broad term that encompasses so many unique heath conditions; no two are alike. Similarly, every child is unique in their own way. Born with blue eyes, or brown eyes. Genetically destined to be 5 feet tall or 6 feet tall. Born with a heart capable of so much love, one that functions in such a way that modern medicine is called in to intervene. A child who runs quickly, keeping up with the other children on the playground, but who was born with a leg that needed to be fit with a prosthetic. A child born without the ability to hear, but with great capacity to hear the world in a different way and to communicate using a different language. All children are so uniquely woven together. I invite you to learn more about children born with special needs and available for adoption from countries like China, Bulgaria and the United States. Please contact me to see how you can impact a child’s life, and how a very special child can impact your life. It may not be as scary as it sounds …

Laura Bussa
[email protected]