Flint Adoption

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Are you looking for information about Flint adoption? Our Mid Michigan (Freeland) office serves expectant parents and adoptive families in the Flint, Michigan area. Jennifer Jaworski, Director of the Mid Michigan Office, says, “We are honored to serve clients in the Mid Michigan region. We look forward to serving expectant parents and adoptive families here in the Flint/Saginaw area.”

What We Do

Our office in Freeland provides caring and compassionate services to expectant parents as they plan adoption in Michigan. In addition, we provide services for adoptive families, including home study and profile creation. Adoption Associates provides all of the legal adoption services that are required to complete an adoption.

Since the opening of the Mid Michigan office near Flint, we have made over 80 contacts with communities, agencies, and local organizations that serve women who experience unplanned pregnancies. We look forward to continued partnerships with these organizations in the tri-cities area.

Who We Are

We have an awesome team of professionals ready to meet your needs! These women provide top-notch services at our Freeland office.

  • Jennifer, director of our Mid Michigan office, joined AAI in 2006 as a caseworker for birth mothers and adoptive families. She has over twenty years of social work experience with children and families and is passionate about adoption. Jennifer enjoys public speaking opportunities, including student education and professional in-service presentations. She also hosts AAI’s Adoption Focus Podcast program  – click HERE to learn more about that and to see previous podcasts. Jennifer is passionate about caring for birth mothers as they make an adoption plan for their baby.
  • Katie joined AAI in 2018 when the Mid Michigan office opened. She provides home study and profile services for prospective adoptive families, helping to prepare them for the journey of adoption. Katie enjoys her work with adoptive parents as she helps them through the Flint adoption process.
  • Joy initially worked for AAI from 2005 to 2008 and rejoined the agency in 2019. She enjoys getting out into the community to share resource information with doctor’s offices, pregnancy centers, and community groups. In addition, Joy also provides administrative support for the Flint area office and welcomes clients and visitors with her kind smile.

If you live in the Mid Michigan area and have been searching for information about Flint adoption, please call Jennifer, Katie or Joy at 989-497-5437. They are happy to answer your questions about adoption in Michigan!

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