Adoption in Michigan

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adoption in Michigan

Looking for help with adoption in Michigan?

Adoption Associates is here to assist you with every aspect of the adoption process! Whether you are just beginning the adoption process, or you’ve already connected with a birth mother, AAI provides full services from beginning to end. Our caring and compassionate caseworkers are available to provide services to both birth parents and adoptive parents. We are a fully staffed private adoption agency with an experienced legal department who will handle every detail of the legal paperwork required for an adoption in Michigan.

No Wait List to Begin – Ever!

There is no wait list to begin the adoption process at Adoption Associates – you may start working with us immediately. Right after you’ve submitted your formal application, our experienced staff will walk you through the home study and profile creation process. After your home study and profile have been completed, your profile will be active on our website and available to birth mothers. Your caseworker will assist you with Adoption Networking, which makes it possible to skip a step and move through the adoption process faster. Our infant adoption program is very active and prospective adoptive parents are needed! In addition, we have an urgent need for families who are open to children of all races and who may have been exposed to substances during pregnancy, or who may have a family history of mental illness.

Adoption Associates is a Reputable, Experienced Private Adoption Agency

AAI’s infant adoption program opened in 1990 and since that time we’ve been helping pregnant women who are planning adoption find permanent families for their unborn children.  Many expectant parents are interested in developing a relationship with an adoptive family before their baby is born. AAI supports all types of adoption (fully open, semi open, closed) based on the desires of birth parents and adoptive parents. We carefully work with expectant parents and adoptive parents to identify their preferences and make matches that align with everyone’s expectations.

Advantages of Using a Private Adoption Agency Like Adoption Associates

  • Adoption Associates has specialized in facilitating adoptions in Michigan for over 30 years.
  • We are the leading private adoption agency in the state of Michigan.
  • Clients are locally and personally cared for by their very own caseworker.
  • We guide you through every step and detail of the adoption process.
  • Expectant parent needs are personally attended to, including counseling, financial support, transportation, and medical care.
  • Fees for adoptive couples are reasonable, transparent, and predictable.
  • We handle all of the legal adoption paperwork.
  • Experienced caseworkers are with you each step of the way as details are worked out between expectant parents and adoptive parents.
  • We offer ongoing support and encouragement for all clients, even well after the adoptive placement.
  • The type of adoption that is unique to your needs is expertly facilitated by Adoption Associates.

Contact Us For Information!

Reach out to our experienced staff today to learn more about adoption in Michigan! Call us at 616-667-0677 or email

Click HERE to create a MyAdoptionPortal account to get started. After your account has been created and you’ve received an activation email, you will have the option to submit a Preliminary Application for adoption. After that, you will be contacted to schedule a virtual consultation with one of our adoption experts.

If you are pregnant and looking for information about placing your child for adoption, please text us at 248-283-4673, or call 616-667-0677. One of our kind and compassionate caseworkers will talk with you about our confidential services. All services to birth parents are 100% free of charge and there is no commitment – it is always your choice.

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