Adoption in MI

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Services We Provide to Birth Parents

Adoption Associates is licensed to provide full services for adoption in MI. Birth parents are supported by experienced caseworkers who assist them throughout the process. From explaining the details of the adoption process to selecting an adoptive family, your caring and compassionate caseworker is there with you every step of the way. In addition, AAI provides complete legal assistance (no attorney is necessary). Our services to birth parents are 100% confidential and completely free. And, and financial assistance for medical, living and other pregnancy-related expenses is available.

Personalized Adoption Plan

Many birth mothers are interested in developing a relationship with the family they select to adopt their baby. Some are comfortable with maintaining casual contact with the family by receiving pictures and information about their baby. And, some desire relationships that are more involved and may include occasional visits. Therefore, AAI supports all types of adoption in MI (fully open, semi open, and closed). We carefully work with birth parents and adoptive parents to identify their preferences. Then, we make matches that align with everyone’s expectations. Further, as a licensed Michigan adoption agency, we are always close by to provide ongoing support and encouragement, even well after the adoptive placement.

AAI is a Leading Adoption Agency in Michigan

Adoption Associates, Inc. has been serving and supporting birth parents for over 30 years. We are the leading private adoption agency in the state of Michigan. Birth parents are personally cared for by a knowledgeable caseworker who guides them through every step of the adoption process. Every detail is attended to. At Adoption Associates, we are here for you. And, we serve the entire State of Michigan – including the Flint area, Lansing area, Detroit area, Grand Rapids area, and northern Michigan. If you are looking for a Michigan adoption agency, we can help. Adoption in MI is our specialty.

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