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Adoption Associates’ Lansing Office

Are you looking for an adoption agency in Lansing? Adoption Associates has an office in Lansing with staff who can answer all of your questions about adoption. Kris Dickens, the Director in our Lansing office, joined the staff of AAI in 2006 as a home study caseworker. She has worked in additional roles over the years including international consultant and birth mother caseworker. Kris has been the Director of the Lansing office since 2019. She and her experienced staff can answer your questions about adoption in Michigan.

Connected to the Lansing Community

Kris and our staff in Lansing have historically gone out into the community to spread the word of adoption. Giving presentations at clinics and hospitals and holding informational meetings for families considering adoption have helped the community become aware of AAI’s services. During the last several months, these presentations have been limited due to safety restrictions as a result of COVID-19. AAI has made a shift to video chat consultations and Zoom adoption training meetings. We rely heavily on word of mouth when getting the word of adoption out into the community.  We hope that you will follow us on Facebook and share with family and friends the work of adoption.

Unplanned Pregnancy Help

If you’re pregnant and need help, Adoption Associates is here for you. Your caseworker will talk with you about your adoption options and provide resources. Once you’ve decided that adoption is the best plan for your baby’s future, your caseworker will help you identify the right family for your baby. She will be there for you throughout your pregnancy, delivery, and beyond. Click HERE for more information.

Adoption Services

Adoption Associates provides home study and client services to couples adopting through AAI’s Domestic Infant Adoption program. If you live in the Lansing area, or anywhere in Michigan, we have caseworkers nearby to guide you through the adoption process.

Contact AAI About Adoption in Lansing!

Families in the area have been searching for a local adoption agency, so we want to get the word out that AAI has an adoption agency in Lansing. Our office in Lansing provides domestic infant adoption services, and adoptive home study services for both domestic and international adoption. Compassionate and confidential services are provided for expectant parents as they plan adoption. Learn more about adoption HERE.

If you live in the Lansing/Central Michigan area and have been searching for an adoption agency in Lansing,  call Kris or Tami at 517-327-1388. They are happy to answer your questions about adoption!

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