Adopting in Michigan

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An adoptive home study is an essential piece of the process when adopting in Michigan. Adoption Associates is licensed by the State of Michigan to provide full adoption services, including home studies.

What is a Home Study?

A home study is an evaluation of a home and the family living in it to be sure they can provide a safe and loving environment for a child. It assesses whether the physical and emotional needs of a child can be met. Adoptive home studies are completed by licensed social workers who meet with prospective adoptive families both virtually and in the family’s home. Every family who is adopting in Michigan is required to complete a home study.

The study of the home and family includes many different areas (see topics below). This information is necessary to assess a prospective adoptive family’s ability to care for a child. A home study is required by the courts in the State of Michigan and is provided to court at the time a Petition for Adoption is filed.

In addition, the home study process offers a unique opportunity for education on the many aspects of adoption. Families learn a lot during this process. The meetings you have with your home study caseworker are invaluable as you go through the adoption process.

Adoptive Home Study Topics

  • Your motivation and your understanding of adoption.
  • The home study process when adopting in Michigan.
  • The age, gender, race, and health of the child you desire to adopt.
  • Your openness to provide pictures and information to birth parents, as well as the possibility of visits.
  • Your social history, including childhood and family information.
  • Information about the children in your home.
  • Your marriage and family lifestyle.
  • Your child rearing philosophy and discipline plan.
  • Employment and child care plans after a baby is placed into your home.
  • Financial information and the ability to support a child.
  • Home and community surroundings and involvement.
  • Health information, and your ability to care for a child.
  • Personal and employer references, and police clearances are requested.
  • Your caseworker’s summary and recommendations for adoption.

Adopting in Michigan

If you are thinking about adopting in Michigan, Adoption Associates can help. Click HERE to get to our Home Study Program page. Click HERE to learn more about home study education and informational resources. Adoption Associates is licensed by the State of Michigan, and we provide both domestic and international adoptive home studies. Call us at 800-677-2367 or send an email for more information.

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