Choosing an Adoption Agency

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Erika’s parents adopted her when she was a baby. She is grateful for the difficult decision that her birth mother made so that Erika would have the chance at a wonderful life. Her birth mother contacted the adoption agency to talk with a caseworker and decided to make an adoption plan. Because of her birth mother’s loving decision, Erika has a caring family and the life that her birth mother wished for her.

Choosing an adoption agency is an important decision. Our compassionate caseworkers work with birth mothers to support them during a time when they need help and guidance. From weighing all of the options to making a birth plan, every detail is attended to. All of our services are provided to birth mothers free of charge. Caseworkers walk along birth mothers every step of the way and are available 24/7. Click here for more information.

Watch the video below to hear about adoption from Erika’s perspective.


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