A home study is simply an evaluation of a home and the family living in it to be sure it/they can provide a safe and loving environment for a child where the physical and emotional needs of the child can be met.

The study of the home and family includes many different areas (see topics below). This information is necessary to assess a prospective adoptive family’s ability to care for their future child, and is required by the courts in the State of Michigan to be provided at the time a Petition for Adoption is filed.

In addition, the home study process offers a unique opportunity for education on the many aspects of adoption. So much will be learned during this process, and the meetings you have with your home study caseworker are invaluable in your walk through the adoption process.

Adoptive Home Study Topics

  • Motivation and understanding of adoption
  • Home study process
  • Child desired
  • Openness in adoption
  • Social History
  • Children in the home
  • Marriage and family lifestyle
  • Child rearing philosophy
  • Employment and child care
  • Financial information
  • Home and community
  • Health information
  • References and clearances
  • Summary and recommendations

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