Flint Adoption

Are you looking for information about Flint adoption? Our Mid Michigan (Freeland) office serves expectant parents and adoptive families in the Flint, Michigan area. Jennifer Jaworski, Director of the Mid Michigan Office, says, “We are honored to serve clients in the Mid Michigan region. We look forward to serving expectant parents and adoptive families here in the Flint/Saginaw area.” What We Do Our office in [...]

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I Chose Adoption

Blogtalk Radio Transcript: "I Chose Adoption"  (You may listen to the podcast by clicking on the audio link, or read the transcript of the podcast below.) An unexpected pregnancy at a young age can be a real shock - especially when you find out you're carrying twins. Stephanie wanted the very best for her twin girls, so she chose adoption.  She chose to give them [...]

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Plan Adoption

Love is in the thoughts of many at this time of year. Below is a Valentine's Day story about a birth mother's love for her child. Teresa made the courageous and loving decision to plan adoption for her child. She chose Debbie and Rick to be the parents of her baby boy. David was born on Valentine's Day and placed into the arms of his [...]

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Putting My Child Up For Adoption – Amy’s Story

I'm Amy and I want to share my adoption story - an amazing story of love. Love for the child that I became pregnant with at the most difficult time in my life. The love of her adoptive parents who are raising her. And the love and acceptance of the people who helped me through it. It's amazing how something that seems like an impossible [...]

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