Questions to Ask Yourself when Selecting an Adoptive Family for your Child

When I close my eyes what do I envision the best family for my child to look like? Every birth mom has a family picture in her mind of what she thinks the perfect family for her unborn child will look like, do for a living, and how they will raise her child. Be honest about what you think they are like, which ideals are [...]

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Birth Mother Reflections…Looking Back Twenty Years Later

In many ways some of us are very similar. We have had our hearts broken, walked through fire, and lived to talk about it. My story starts as a little girl growing up. I attended a Christian school and my family attended church twice every Sunday. I had a great upbringing, never lacked for anything……until 1988. I was ten years old. It was a Sunday [...]

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Thank You, Birth Mother

I have always known that I was an adopted child. My earliest memories include a bedtime prayer that contained, "Thank God that I'm 'dopted." I was six weeks old when my parents took me home. They had struggled with infertility for seven years. During the late fifties and early sixties people did not openly discuss this sensitive and personal issue as they do today. My [...]

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Empowering birthmothers

At AAI, we are all about empowering women.   Women come to us in a crisis situation and unsure about their decision.   We want to make sure every woman has the information to make the right choice for them.   We work with the birthmothers to develop a plan for their baby.    It's our job at Adoption Associates to help every woman make [...]

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How one birthmother made her birth plan

When you are a little girl you don't spend your days imagining having a baby only to choose to give her away to another family. So when I was asked what I wanted to do when the time came for my delivery and placement of my little girl, I had absolutely no idea. I naively imagined that the doctors and nurses would just quietly take [...]

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Thinking about adopting?

If you have been thinking about adopting, we would love to talk with you about the most precious babies who deserve the opportunities that come with a loving family. Couples who are open to adopting babies of any race, babies who have been drug-exposed, and babies with a family history of mental health issues are typically linked to a birth mother within 12-24 months. Whenever we have an [...]

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Regarding Recent Immigration Ban

We want to reassure you that we have not received any notifications from the Department of State regarding the recent immigration ban, nor have child placing agencies been made aware of any changes regarding immigration that would impact internationally adopted children, the immigration process, and/or their subsequent US Citizenship. Please visit the DOS website for the most updated information.

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