Right now your mind is filled with questions and concerns. These questions are normal and healthy, and we want to help you by answering as many of your questions as possible—right from the start!

We can help you every step of the way with sensitivity and compassion. The decision to plan adoption is based on love and wanting the best for your baby’s future. It will never be the result of any pressure on you.

Financial support

When you are planning adoption, we can help provide financial support during your pregnancy. The Michigan Adoption Code allows an adoptive family to help you with reasonable pregnancy related expenses during your pregnancy and for up to six weeks after delivery. Your caseworker can explain more about how this works when you meet with her.

Medical care

Adoption Associates wants to make sure that you and your baby are well cared for. If you need help you finding a clinic or doctor in your area to provide prenatal care, we are happy to assist you with that. If you need to file an application for Medicaid we can also help you with that. If you are covered by private insurance and have co-pays or deductibles for your prenatal care, these expenses are allowed to be covered by the adoptive family.


When you meet with Adoption Associates staff, we can make arrangements come to you at your home or a nearby location convenient for you. You are always welcome to come to our office, but if transportation is a problem for you, there is no need to worry, we will come to you! Our staff or the adoptive family can also assist you with transportation to appointments or we can help you access community transportation in your area to make sure that you can get to your appointments.


If you are in need of housing, we can assist you in locating housing resources in your area, providing financial assistance in some cases and emergency programs if necessary.

 Adoption Process

There are many steps to completing your adoption process. The first is meeting with an agency to learn more about adoption and to make sure that you have all your questions answered. Adoption is voluntary, but it is also permanent, so it is important that you understand the process completely. Once you have decided that adoption is the best plan for your baby’s future, your caseworker will assist you in identifying the adoptive family for your baby. Most birth parents choose to meet the family during their pregnancy and get to know them a little better before delivery. You can meet them at the office, go out to lunch or invite them to an appointment if you’d like. Your caseworker will continue to meet with you during your pregnancy to provide emotional support as you move forward with your adoption plan, invite you to a birth parent support group, and help you make a plan for the hospital.


We will handle all the legal arrangements, including meeting or talking with the birth father. If the birth father would like to be a part of your adoption plan, and if you want him involved, he can be a part of the entire process. There are many different birth father situations, and your caseworker will talk with you in detail about your situation, and how we can help with your case.


The baby may go home with the adoptive family from the hospital or into agency care after delivery. Your release of parental rights will take place 2-6 weeks after delivery and your caseworker will make sure that you understand the legal process. Birth father’s rights will be terminated at the same time, and the family’s adoption will move forward. The agency will still be here to provide assistance and emotional support after your delivery and legal process. We can also provide outside counseling if you are interested.


After placement, the family will stay in touch and send you pictures and letters as agreed upon during your pregnancy, usually up to age 18. An openness agreement will be provided, for both birth parents and adoptive parents, that will outline the schedule for contact so that everyone is clear on the arrangements.


You will find Adoption Associates staff to be personable and helpful to you during your adoption process. We care about you and want to help you make the best plan for your baby’s future!

Getting started

Talk to one of our caseworkers to decide if adoption is the best option for you and your baby. You may:

  • call 1.800.677.2367.
  • chat using the green box in the lower right hand corner.
  • request more information. 

Choosing adoption

There are many different reasons to choose adoption. Often the birth parents are: 

  • too young and lack the maturity to be good parents at the time. 
  • raising other children and cannot take on the financial and emotional responsibility of another child.
  • trying to finish their education or are working and unable to spend the time they know they should to provide for the child’s needs.
  • wanting a stable, two-parent family to give their baby the best possible start in life.

Working with Adoption Associates

We can assist with your needs during your pregnancy by:

  • educating you about adoption.
  • providing counseling.
  • helping you choose a family for your baby.
  • taking care of the legal work.
  • assisting you with medical and living expenses, if needed.
  • putting you in touch with other birth parents who have already made an adoption plan.

Creating your adoption plan

You have a number of options when making an adoption plan that’s right for you. You may:

  • choose the adoptive family for your baby by selecting from the parents screened by our agency staff.
  • choose a family who has been recommended by someone you trust like a relative, friend, pastor, doctor, etc. Often, the baby can come home from the hospital directly with the family you select.
  • meet the adoptive parents and get to know them throughout your pregnancy. If you wish, they may be present at doctors’ visits and at the hospital during delivery.
  • agree to a mutually acceptable schedule for the exchange of letters, pictures, or more contact after the placement.

Planning your hospital stay

Your caseworker will help you create a plan that will let the hospital know: 

  • how much contact you would like with the baby.
  • who you want to visit with you and/or the baby.
  • how much involvement you would like the adoptive parents to have at the hospital.
  • whether you would like a private room on or off the maternity floor, etc.

Placing the baby with the family you selected

After the baby is born:

  • the baby often goes to the adoptive family from the hospital. In some situations, the baby will go into an agency host home until the judge signs the court order.
  • you will go to court and sign the legal documents voluntarily releasing your parental rights.
  • the child legally becomes a permanent member of the adoptive family when the release is signed.

Knowing Your Child Is Well Taken Care Of

Adoptive parents are screened and approved by our agency staff. The parents must: 

  • prove they can provide a stable, loving home.
  • complete health and medical forms.
  • provide excellent personal references.
  • obtain approved clearances by the State Police and Michigan Protective Services.
  • present employment verification.

Selecting post-adoption services (optional)

Our agency offers continued support to you after you place the baby with the family you select. You may choose to:

  • receive information about what you can expect to feel after the adoption.
  • meet with a caseworker for counseling or attend additional outside counseling provided by AAI.
  • meet with or talk to other birth parents that share similar experiences.
  • receive regular updates about the child through pictures, letters, and visits.