A boy and a man are at a campfire while a woman looks at them. There is a tent in the background

Selecting appropriate photos, videos, and content for your adoption profile is essential in effectively conveying your family’s story and creating a positive impression on potential birth parents. The visuals and content you choose play a significant role in capturing attention, conveying your values, and showcasing the love and warmth within your family. Here are some key considerations when selecting materials for your adoption profile:

Authenticity and Warmth

Choose photos and videos that authentically reflect your family’s dynamics, personality, and warmth. Opt for genuine moments that capture your family’s joy, love, and connection. Avoid overly posed or staged images, as they may appear less genuine. Birth parents are looking for adoptive families that are sincere, relatable, and inviting.

Variety and Diversity

Aim for a diverse representation of your family regarding ages, backgrounds, and activities. Include photos and videos that reflect different aspects of your lives, such as family outings, hobbies, or cultural celebrations. Showcasing diversity sends a message of inclusivity and openness, creating a welcoming environment for a child of any background.

Child-Centric Approach

While it’s important to showcase your family, keep in mind that birth parents are primarily interested in finding a loving home for their child. Include photos or videos that emphasize the child’s experience within your family. Show potential birth parents that you are ready and excited to provide their child with a nurturing and enriching environment.

Respect for Privacy

While providing a glimpse into your family’s life is important, be mindful of privacy concerns. Avoid sharing identifying information, such as full names or specific locations, that could compromise the privacy and safety of your family and potential birth parents. Focus on sharing moments and stories that respect the boundaries of all parties involved.

Captions and Descriptions

Use captions and descriptions effectively to provide context and additional information about the content you share. Share meaningful stories, anecdotes, or insights highlighting your family’s values, aspirations, and commitment to adoption. Be concise, engaging, and considerate of the reader’s time and attention.


Aim for clear, well-lit, visually appealing, high-quality photos and videos. While professional photography is not a requirement, ensuring that the visuals are well-composed and visually appealing can significantly impact how your profile is received.

Number of Photos

The number of photos to include in an adoption profile can vary depending on personal preference and the specific requirements of adoption agencies or platforms. While there is no fixed number, a range of 10 to 20 photos is often considered a good starting point.

Regularly review and update your adoption profile’s visuals and content as your family evolves. Seek input from trusted friends, family, or adoption professionals to gain different perspectives and ensure your profile effectively represents your family. By thoughtfully selecting appropriate photos, videos, and content for your adoption profile, you can create a compelling narrative that resonates with potential birth parents and increases your chances of finding a successful adoption match.