Adoption Services

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Adoption Associates provides adoption services to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and to couples wanting to adopt a baby. Our offices and caseworkers are located throughout the State of Michigan. We are not far from you no matter where you live in Michigan. We have offices in Farmington Hills (Detroit), Jenison (Grand Rapids), Lansing, Freeland (Mid Michigan/Flint), and the Upper Peninsula. Our caseworkers travel to your area as needed to provide adoption services. Check out our locations HERE

Birth Mother Services

If you’re pregnant and considering an adoption plan for your child, we can help. We want you to know that you are not giving up your child for adoption, but rather, you are making a loving choice for your baby. Our experienced and caring adoption counselors support you as you make the decision that is best for you and your baby. Click HERE for more information.

Adoptive Family Services

Ready to adopt an infant?  There is no wait list to begin the adoption process at Adoption Associates. You may start working with us on your home study and profile creation as soon as you’re ready. Our infant adoption program is very active and families are needed. In addition, AAI can help if you have already identified and established a relationship with a birth mother. AAI provides full adoption services, including legal paperwork. Therefore, an attorney is not needed. If you are interested in adopting an infant, click HERE to learn more about our Domestic Infant Adoption Program.

Home Study Services

Adoption Associates has a proven track record for professionally and efficiently completing adoptive home studies. If you live in Michigan and hope to adopt a child through either Adoption Associates or another agency, we can help! Click HERE to learn more about our Home Study Program.

Contact Us!

Our knowledgeable staff members are here to answer your questions, so call us at 800-677-2367 to learn more about our adoption services.

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