Want to come to Woven By Love for FREE?

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Want to come to Woven By Love for FREE?

Registrations have been coming in all weekend! Moms are joining us from all over Michigan, Ohio and even Missouri. A special thanks to the hard-core moms who were waiting at their computers promptly at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning. You made for a very exciting first hour!

For the rest of you who may have been boating, swimming, sitting at the beach or vacationing over the weekend, TODAY IS YOUR DAY. Will you take a few minutes to sign up?

And to add to the fun, for all moms who have already registered or who register by THIS FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, we will be choosing TWO of your names to receive a FREE REGISTRATION. You can use that money to cover your expenses, split it with a friend or PAY YOUR BABYSITTER.


Don’t miss it. Freebies end Friday!



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