Save the Adoption Tax Credit!

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With nearly 112,000 children in U.S. foster care waiting to be adopted and countless orphaned and abandoned children around the world, the adoption tax credit helps families afford adoption, giving loving, safe, permanent homes to as many children as possible.

But now, Congress is considering eliminating the adoption tax credit, raising the cost of adoption and potentially hurting millions of American families. Congress needs to keep the adoption credit and make it refundable again to help even more children in need of a family.

Save the Adoption Tax Credit is a national collaboration of organizations and individuals united to support adoption by advocating to save and improve the adoption tax credit.

Congress needs to hear about how the adoption tax credit helps real families like yours. Help us protect the adoption tax credit and make it refundable by:

1. Sharing your story about how the credit helped your family, and
2. Asking Members of Congress to support legislation that makes the adoption tax credit refundable.

Take action now!

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