Niche’ Chose Adoption

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I was 16 when I got pregnant. I was very scared and confused. At the beginning of my pregnancy I planned to keep my child. Toward the end of my pregnancy reality set in. Neither my parents nor the birth father were supporting me. My parents wanted me to give my baby up for adoption. Honestly, I don’t think the birth father cared.

I chose adoption because I wanted my baby to have a chance at life. I knew I could give love to my baby, but that was it. I wanted my baby to grow up and be somebody important—have an education. I didn’t have one, how would my baby? He needed a stable environment with two loving parents. The only way he would have that would be if I gave my baby up for adoption and placed him with another loving family.

My adoption agency provided me with choices of families and supported my decision. My caseworker was fabulous. She was honest about the pain and reassured me that I was doing the best thing for my baby. At the same time, she wanted me to be sure I was making the right decision for me, too. When she asked me that, I realized that it wasn’t for me, it was for my baby. (Even though she knew that!) I would recommend that a person planning an adoption call someone like Paula (my caseworker). She’ll inform and support you and help you make your decision.

I won’t lie. If you’re planning or thinking about placing your baby for adoption, it will be the most painful thing you’ll ever go through. Just remember, it’s not about you anymore, it’s about your baby and what’s best for him or her.

High School Student
Birth father not supportive

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