Essential Adoption Services at AAI

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Adoption Associates is an essential service provider. We continue to provide adoption services to birth parents, children, and adoptive couples during the COVID-19 pandemic. Couples who want to adopt in Michigan are encouraged to contact AAI to learn more about the adoption process. Our staff members are working remotely and are available to answer all of your adoption questions.

All of AAI’s typical adoption services are being offered, with a few adjustments. To remain compliant with social distancing practices, video consultations and webinars are now available. During an adoptive family’s adoption process, our caseworkers are permitted by the State of Michigan to conduct video meetings in place of meetings usually required to be done in person. Prior to placement of a child into the adoptive home, and when it becomes safe and legal to do, caseworkers will complete a in-person home visit. Contact Adoption Associates now – there is no delay in starting the adoption process. Call us at 800-677-2367 or email us at

Our staff is available 24/7 to provide essential adoption services to birth mothers. Expectant parents who are considering adoption are connected with an experienced, compassionate caseworker. AAI’s caseworkers provide birth mothers with information, support, and encouragement. All adoption services are provided in compliance with current social distancing requirements. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, call us toll-free 800-677-2367 or send us a message and we’ll call you.

Adoption Associates is dedicated to providing exemplary adoption services to all of it’s clients. We will continue to meet social distancing requirements to protect the safety of birth parents, children, adoptive families, and staff.

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