China Waiting Children Program

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So many children wait. Wait for food. Wait for medical attention. Wait to be held. Wait for a family. Wait for a home.

Adoption Associates has been placing children from China since 1994. From identifying the child who belongs in your family, to assisting you with your paperwork and preparing you to bring your child home, AAI provides the personal service you’ve been hoping for. We are a small, experienced agency and work with a handful of families at a time. What does that mean for you? The ability to quickly bring home a child who has been waiting.

Over 3,400 children are currently available to families adopting through AAI’s China program. Ask us about Paisley, Kit, April, Katie, Jasmin and Leo.

Please call Laura today at 616.667.0677 or email her at to talk about your options and the services we provide.

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