Changing the Narrative

Spread the Word

I can’t take care of another baby

I want to give up my baby for adoption 

I can’t afford an abortion

It’s too late to get an abortion

I can’t keep my baby

I can’t afford another baby

I don’t have any support to take care of this baby

These are just a handful of the statements we hear from women contacting us about adoption in Michigan. Each time I read one of these, I’m imagining what she must be feeling – being pregnant and not sure what to do is scary! Fortunately, the statements change once we share the hopefulness of adoption:

I want a good family for my baby

I know my baby will be loved and cared for

Giving up my baby for adoption means she’ll have a great life

I’m glad I can give a couple the chance to be parents

Putting my baby up for adoption is the best thing I can do right now

We are passionate about sharing the good news of adoption. We work hard to be sure that anyone facing an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy knows that adoption planning IS an option! I hope you’ll help spread this message too!

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