Birth Parent’s Bill of Rights

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If you’re pregnant and thinking about adoption, are facing an unplanned pregnancy and not sure what to do, are wondering about finding a family for your baby, or looking for an adoption agency in Michigan, we’re here for you! We take our responsibility to provide you with the very best service so seriously that we created our own Bill of Rights for birth parents:

Birth parents have the right….

-to be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion

-to understand all your options, including adoption and parenting

-to be free from pressure or coercion

-to obtain prenatal medical care

-to receive counseling

-to seek financial help with pregnancy related expenses

-to choose the adoptive family for your child

-to meet the adoptive parents

-to know that the adoptive parents are qualified for adoption

-to ensure that the adoption process is safe and legal

-to give your child his or her original name at birth

-to choose an open or closed adoption

-to have your own representation and support through an agency

-to work with an agency that is caring, kind, and non-judgmental

-to change your mind about adoption within the legal limitations in your state

You have choices! Adoption is worth considering! We’re here to help.

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