Adoption Planning is a Positive Option

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There are many myths surrounding birth mothers – who they are and why they make such a monumental decision. Read below to see who is choosing adoption planning? And, who might consider it?

Here are some attributes of a birth mother:

Women often facing an unplanned pregnancy range from young teen to middle age.

She could be married, divorced, separated, single, or in a steady relationship. 

Birth mothers can have a high school diploma, a college education, and/or a successful career. 

This could be her first child, second, her third, or even possibly her ninth child.

She could have made an adoption plan in the past or this could be her first time planning an adoption. 

Birth mothers are mothers who unconditionally love their children and are trying to do what is best for their babies!

Some of the most common reasons for choosing to plan adoption include:

‘I’m too young’,  ‘I’m still in school’, or ‘I want to finish school’ 

‘I’m not emotionally ready to be a parent’

‘I’m already parenting, and not able to care for another baby’ 

‘I can’t afford to take care of a baby’ 

‘I want a better future for my baby than I can provide right now’

‘I have health problems’  

‘I don’t have support from my family, loved ones, or the father’ 

‘I’m dealing with legal problems’

Whatever the reason or reasons, it is important to validate that adoption planning is a positive option. Women who follow through with adoption planning are motivated by providing a positive outcome for their baby, and are committed to their adoption plan.

If you would like to learn more about planning an open adoption, please call Adoption Associates 24/7 at 800-677-2367 or send us a message and we’ll call you.

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