Adoption of 15 year old boy from Ethiopia

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The donations are in and we are grateful to announce a total of $3,465 was received for the adoption expenses of the 15-year old, hearing impaired boy from Ethiopia. In addition to the funds raised here, AAI has been able to provide a grant to the adoptive family, which will further offset the costs of this placement.

We are eagerly moving forward with the adoptive family’s dossier and praying his paperwork will move through the proper channels in a timely manner so we may bring him home before his 16th birthday.

Thank you so much for walking this journey with us, and please continue praying as we work toward placing this boy with his forever family.



Your donations to Adoption Associates are vital to our success in providing outreach and education about the benefits of adoption here in the United States, supporting and developing programs internationally, and placing children with special needs into permanent homes.

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