Common Questions in International Adoption

FAQ International Adoption2017-06-06T23:35:29-04:00
On average, how long does an international adoption take?2017-05-30T14:07:17-04:00

The total length of time to complete an international adoption varies, but on average can be completed within about 12-36 months.

What is the cost to adopt?2018-03-02T14:15:41-04:00

International adoption fees vary depending on the country from which you are adopting. Total expenses generally range between $20,000 – $25,000, excluding travel. Please download a copy of our International Information Packet, which includes itemized fee schedules.

Can I adopt internationally if I have a medical condition?2017-06-06T23:36:32-04:00

Some countries have specific eligibility requirements that may prevent someone from adopting who has, or who has had in the past, a serious medical condition such as cancer or heart disease. Please review country program eligibility requirements.

Can I adopt internationally if I already have children?2017-06-06T23:36:39-04:00

Yes. In fact, a large percentage of families who adopt internationally already have children in their home. The country of origin, home study agency, or placing agency may have policies in place that limit the number of children already in the home when adopting. Please contact us at 616.667.0677 or at for information specific to your family.

What if I have a criminal record – does that disqualify me?2017-06-06T23:36:48-04:00

In some cases, a criminal record will disqualify a family from adopting internationally. Please contact us at 616.667.0677 or at for information specific to your situation.

What is the first step to begin the adoption process?2017-06-06T23:36:55-04:00

The first step is to sign up for an online adoption portal ( account and submit a free International Preliminary Application. After your account has been created, please log in, submit your choice of “International Adoption”, and navigate to the International Preliminary Application.

How old are the children who are available for international adoption?2017-06-06T23:37:03-04:00

Both boys and girls age 1-15 years are generally available, but this varies depending on the country program you select.

Am I required to travel to the country to adopt my child?2017-06-06T23:37:27-04:00

Travel to your child’s country of origin is required, and is an important step of your adoption as it begins the process of bonding and attachment with your child. In some cases, only one parent is required to travel. Length of travel and number of trips vary from program to program. Please review travel requirements.

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