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Adoptive Families Needed!

Adoption Associates' number one goal is to serve birth mothers, children and adoptive families. We have recently been connected with several birth mothers who have either already given birth or are soon to give birth. In order to serve our birth mothers in the best possible way, we like to provide as many adoptive family profiles as appropriate. We are finding that with several placements [...]

Adoptive Families Needed!2022-09-27T10:29:03-04:00

Local Adoption Agency

Services We Provide When birth parents work with a local adoption agency like Adoption Associates, they receive a full spectrum of services. We provide birth parents with experienced caseworkers who assist them throughout the process. From explaining the details of the adoption process to selecting an adoptive family, your caring and compassionate caseworker is there with you every step of the way. In addition, AAI [...]

Local Adoption Agency2022-06-02T09:27:55-04:00

Michigan Adoption

Since 1990, Adoption Associates has been helping pregnant women plan adoption. Adoption Associates, a Michigan adoption agency, has facilitated thousands of adoptions over the last 32 years. If you are pregnant and looking for a family to adopt your child, or if you already have a family in mind, we can help. As a licensed Michigan adoption agency, we are specialists at providing professional adoption [...]

Michigan Adoption2022-05-12T09:29:42-04:00

Pregnant? Adoption is an option

If you are pregnant and struggling with your options, we understand that you want to make decisions that are best for both you and your baby. If you are considering adoption as an option, our caseworkers are here to help you! We encourage you to reach out to us. Continue reading for some basic information. Open Adoption Option If you want a more open adoption, [...]

Pregnant? Adoption is an option2022-04-12T12:22:34-04:00

What Giving a Baby Up For Adoption Really Means

The terminology that we hear so often, "giving baby up for adoption", is not really giving up a baby. In all reality, you are choosing to give your baby the gift of a loving family and a home. You are choosing life for your baby. A life filled with hopes and dreams and opportunity – the childhood you wish for your baby. Choosing Adoption for [...]

What Giving a Baby Up For Adoption Really Means2022-01-27T12:08:00-05:00

Adoption Options for Pregnant Women

Birth mothers who choose adoption for their baby are empowered to make their own decisions. When you choose adoption, we want you to make decisions that are best for both you and your baby. Our caseworkers are here to help you! Here are some basics when it comes to selecting the adoption option that's a good fit: Open Adoption Option If you want openness, it [...]

Adoption Options for Pregnant Women2021-08-26T17:11:08-04:00

Taylor’s Adoption Story – He’s Your Son

I'm Taylor and I chose adoption for my son. He has a great life and wonderful parents, and I'm confident that adoption was the right choice for both of us. To give you a little background information, I moved to Michigan after being born and raised in Wyoming. I knew I needed a change and I honestly picked Michigan by throwing a dart at a [...]

Taylor’s Adoption Story – He’s Your Son2021-08-23T14:24:12-04:00

Waiting Families Education: Adoption and Prenatal Drug Exposure

The waiting time is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about adoption and some of the issues that may need your attention as your child grows. We hope you use this as a learning tool to enhance your adoption preparation. Don’t forget, after you have read and reviewed this material, log into the Adoption Portal to complete the summary in the Domestic Education section. A message [...]

Waiting Families Education: Adoption and Prenatal Drug Exposure2021-07-28T16:25:11-04:00

Adoptive Parent Survey by NCFA

Profiles in Adoption is a national survey of adoptive family experiences recently launched by the National Council For Adoption (NCFA). Profiles in Adoption is an ongoing research project intended to explore the demographic characteristics and personal experiences of adoptive parents and adopted individuals. Calling all Adoptive Parents! NCFA invites you to participate in a national survey of adoptive parents. This survey is Part One of the [...]

Adoptive Parent Survey by NCFA2021-07-28T09:09:23-04:00

Transracial Adoption in Michigan

Blog Talk Radio Transcript – AIR DATE: 3.21.2017 “Transracial Adoption in Michigan” (You may listen to the podcast by clicking on the audio link, or read the transcript of the podcast below.) Amanda and her husband are a Caucasian couple that adopted an African American baby. In this blogpost, Amanda shares what they found helpful on their adoption journey to become a transracial family. She [...]

Transracial Adoption in Michigan2021-07-23T21:24:47-04:00
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