Our Adoption Journey: Scott & Jennifer

After adopting three children domestically, we decided to pursue international adoption for our fourth child because we knew that there were waiting FAMILIES here, but waiting CHILDREN in other countries. We were open to children of any race, and after seeing pictures of children from Ethiopia we knew right away that this country was the best match for our family. We traveled to Ethiopia to [...]

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A Birthmother’s Reflection: Jessica

When I was 16, I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, and I started to make bad choices. Before long, I found out I was pregnant. I had already broken up with the father of the baby, and I knew I didn’t want to get back with him just because I was facing an unplanned pregnancy. The truth is, I didn’t know what to [...]

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A Birthmother’s Reflection: Brook

At 17, I felt desperate to be in a serious relationship. When I faced an unplanned pregnancy, I knew I needed to get out of the relationship with the father because I realized my unborn baby would need a more safe and stable environment. I considered all my options, and really felt that adoption was the best thing I could do for my baby. Miah [...]

A Birthmother’s Reflection: Brook2017-06-12T17:39:04-04:00

A Birthmother’s Reflection: Ashley

I was 17 the first time I got pregnant. Everything happened so fast! Because my brother and I were adopted I knew right away I wanted to find an adoption agency. My mom looked in the phone book and we called Adoption Associates. I really liked them because I could choose the family for my baby, and I could decide how open I wanted everything [...]

A Birthmother’s Reflection: Ashley2017-06-12T17:39:11-04:00

A Birthmother’s Reflection: Deanna

I was 15 when I became pregnant. I was so confused and I didn’t know if I could give my child everything she needed. I was sure, however, that I was not going to give my child to someone I did not know. Eight months went by and I was still the only one that knew about my unplanned pregnancy. I didn’t get very big, [...]

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A Birthmother’s Reflection: Susan

At seventeen years old, I thought I owned the world. I was living each day as if nothing bad could ever happen and everything in my perfect bubble of a life would remain perfect. The first devastating blow came when my boyfriend of seven months passed away. I was so distraught that one month later I thought running into the arms of another man would [...]

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A Birthmother’s Reflection: Toraleen

At the age of 39, I faced an unplanned pregnancy from a one night stand. I considered abortion several times, but could not actually go to the clinic. When I was five months pregnant, I knew that I needed to make another plan. I talked to a couple of close friends and told them that I was thinking about adoption. I have three children already. [...]

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A Birthmother’s Reflection: Geanetta

My decision to plan adoption for my baby was the most difficult decision of my life. Already having three children at home and unexpectedly becoming a single parent, I knew that I would not be able to support a fourth child. I had not only just lost my significant other, but I was also laid off from my job of five years. My job was [...]

A Birthmother’s Reflection: Geanetta2017-06-12T17:42:07-04:00

A Birthmother’s Reflection: Kelly

My adoption story is complex. I faced my unplanned pregnancy when I was in the middle of a divorce. My ex-husband and I had been separated for quite awhile. I already had a two and a half year old daughter and I knew that there was no way that I could raise another child on my own. During the short time we were together, I [...]

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A Birthmother’s Reflection: Crystal

I was 24 years old when I found out I was pregnant and I already had a 13 month old daughter at home. I had been separated from my husband for eight months at the time I got pregnant. He was not the father of the baby. Due to one poor choice that I later regretted, I did not know who the birth father was. [...]

A Birthmother’s Reflection: Crystal2017-06-12T17:42:17-04:00
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