Certificate of Citizenship for International Adoptees

The Certificate of Citizenship fee is doubling on December 23, 2016, for children adopted internationally. Foreign born children who were adopted prior to 2002 may not have received their Certificate of Citizenship. The Child Citizenship Act of 2000 was signed into law on October 30, 2000, and became effective on February 27, 2001. This law allowed internationally adopted children to be granted U.S. Citizenship automatically if they [...]

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Tall Order – Giving Thanks No Matter What

It's Thanksgiving, and for some, listing your blessings will flow off the tip of your tongue. However, for many in our adoption community, it's a tall order to find reasons to give thanks. Giving thanks seems to be a tall order when you've just discovered you're pregnant and have no means to become a mom. It might be difficult to have a heart of thanksgiving [...]

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Help Save Adoption!: Advocacy Day TODAY 11-15-16

As you may know, the U.S. Department of State has proposed new regulations that may significantly impact international adoption. While National Council For Adoption supports some of the themes these proposed regulations set out to address, the impact of these rules is worrisome to adoptive families and adoption professionals. That’s why we need your voice on November 15th for a special Adoption Advocacy Day! What’s [...]

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Please Help Save International Adoption

Last year, the Department of State (DOS) hosted a conference for 100 adoption service providers, “to learn more about the needs of the adoption community, and to discuss [our] new intercountry adoption strategy,” a DOS report reads. Chuck Johnson, president of the National Council for Adoption, was present at that conference. “We were delighted to hear that they were considering country-specific solutions. Until now, the U.S. has [...]

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