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Safe Delivery placements do not occur very often and include some unusual circumstances.  The following information and time line provide a basic understanding of the process and time involved in this placement.  If you are linked with a safe delivery placement, you will meet with an office supervisor who will review the process and risks in detail.

BM surrenders baby (under 72 hours old) either at a hospital or to Emergency Service Provider. (ESP)

If not born at a hospital and surrendered to ESP, baby is transported to local hospital.

Hospital accepts baby, hospital social worker completes appropriate forms with birth mother/birth parents, gives required forms if possible and contacts adoption agency.

AAI selects adoptive family to match birth mother situation, usually the family waiting the longest.

Baby discharged from hospital to agency/adoptive family; agency does linked meeting with family, family signs placement agreement and submits escrow, agency makes temporary placement with adoptive family.

Agency files paperwork regarding temporary placement of surrendered newborn within 48 hours in county where family lives.

Court issues Order Placing Surrendered Newborn.

Wait 28 days from Surrender
          Birth parents have 28 days to file petition with court to regain custody.

Agency must try to locate non-surrendering parent.

If baby was not born in hospital, contact law enforcement to determine if child is a missing person.

After 28 days have passed, file petition with court for hearing in county where adoptive family resides.

Court schedules hearing:

            Some courts require pretrial first
            Some courts appoint guardian ad litem (GAL) for child and/or attorneys for birth parents
            Some courts involve prosecuting attorney
            Some courts require agency to hire attorney to represent agency/adoptive family

Hearing for termination of parental rights (only caseworker attends), usually 6-8 weeks after surrender of infant, court signs orders terminating parental rights; 21 day appeal period for termination of parental rights.

Adoptive family signs adoptive petitions in home study office and pays balance of fee of adoption.

Adoptive family's petitions submitted to court

Court signs Order Placing, 1 – 3 weeks.

Agency home study caseworker does 30 day visit, 3 and 6 month post placement reports with adoptive family.

File for finalization

Final Order of Adoption from court, copy will be sent to adoptive family.

In 4-8 weeks, family will receive new birth certificate; can apply for social security card.