Your donations to Adoption Associates are vital to our success in providing outreach and education about the benefits of adoption here in the United States, supporting and developing programs internationally, and placing children with special needs into permanent homes.  



Ethiopian Child: 15 years old, significantly hearing impaired, and about to age out of the orphanage system. We are hoping to place this child with a forever family before that happens . . . but we need your help. We are actively seeking your financial assistance to help offset the adoption costs for this urgent cause. We are accepting donations through February 3, 2017. All funds received will be applied 100% toward the placement of this child. Please make your donation today!


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Domestic Outreach and Education: In our domestic program we are constantly looking for opportunities to provide accurate and useful information on the life-affirming option of adoption in and around our communities. It is our hope and prayer that anyone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy has ready access to accurate information about planning adoption. We reach out to schools, hospitals, community groups, churches, crisis pregnancy centers, clinics, and more, in our efforts to share information on adoption.


International Program Development: We strive to offer the benefits of adoption for the world's most vulnerable children in our international programs. We spend countless hours exploring and developing new programs as opportunities arise, as well as much time and effort to maintain our existing programs. Where possible, we also support projects in foreign countries that provide ongoing care for children not eligible for adoption.


AAI Adoptive Family Grants: Each quarter we award grants to one or two of our adoptive families; these are families facing unique and unexpected financial challenges related to adopting an older child, a child with special needs, or a sibling group of three or more. Through this grant, we can help to ease the financial burden for these families who are persevering with their adoption despite extra hurdles.


You may also choose to support Adoption Associates through one of our annual events. Please call us if you'd like more information about participating in these events, or you may donate now:


-Touched by Adoption 5K (held each summer in Portland, Michigan)


-Eastern Michigan Annual Fundraising Gala (held each spring in Northville, Michigan)


-Western Michigan Annual Fundraising Gala (held each fall in Grand Rapids, Michigan) 



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