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Why does the State Department make it hard to adopt children from other countries?

by Chuck Johnson Originally published July 20, 2018 on Adoption from other countries is down 80 percent since its peak. Why do we make this hard? America is pro-adoption; the State Department should be, too. The State Department’s current anti-adoption polices are preventing Americans from becoming parents by opening their hearts and homes to orphans from around the world. These children are in desperate [...]

Adoption Friendly Benefits in the Workplace: It is the Right Thing to Do

BY: RITA SORONEN (Originally posted by the National Council For Adoption (NCFA) on July 1, 2018) From simple education activities to implementing a robust adoption benefits program, workplace support of adoption not only increases awareness about the issues confronting our most vulnerable children, but also provides critical support for families formed through adoption. Employers have the power to make a crucial difference in the lives [...]

AAI Offering Temporary Fee Reduction – China Adoption Program

Thousands of children in China are currently waiting to be adopted. Our mission at Adoption Associates is to help children find permanent families. But the cost of adoption is often a barrier. To help ease the financial burden, Adoption Associates is reducing the agency fee by $1,000 for the first 20 families who complete the application process to adopt from China. Thousands of children wait [...]

BLOGTALK RADIO (Air Date – 5.24.16): Understanding Host Care

Air Date: 5.24.16 You can read the transcript below, or listen to the broadcast by clicking here. Recording: Blog Talk Radio. Jennifer: Hi, and welcome to Adoption Focus. My name is Jennifer Jaworski and I am a social worker with Adoption Associates of Michigan. This is Adoption Associates premier talk radio blog show. Adoption Associates was founded in 1990 and we specialize in both domestic [...]

Regarding Children Being Held at the Border

Regarding Children Being Held at the Border, posted June 22, 2018, by the National Council for Adoption (NCFA) A statement from Chuck Johnson, president and CEO of NCFA "Children who are unaccompanied or have been separated from their parents or guardians at the U.S. border are not—nor should they be considered—candidates for adoption by American citizens. This is consistent with National Council For Adoption’s long-held position [...]

Fun for the Whole Family!

ADOPTION. This word brings up powerful emotions, doesn’t it? If you or someone you know has been touched by adoption, I imagine that you can easily understand what a life-changing blessing adoption is in the lives of families and children. BE A HERO. Join us for the 7th annual TOUCHED BY ADOPTION 5K RUN/WALK on Saturday, August 25, 2018, at the Bogue Flats Recreation Area [...]

Post Adoption Reports – Reminder from Dept. of State

Have you filed a post-adoption report recently? The Office of Children’s Issues of the U.S. Department of State reminds adoptive parents and adoption service providers (ASPs) how important it is to comply with the country of origin’s requirements for submitting post-adoption reports. Compliance with a country of origin’s post-adoption reporting requirements not only demonstrates U.S. families’ commitment to their children’s welfare, but also helps encourage [...]

Mid Michigan Office to Open Later this Summer!

The new Mid Michigan office located at 115 S. Main Street, 2B, Freeland, MI 48623 will be open later this summer! We're celebrating by having an open house on Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Join us for kids’ games and activities, food, and lots of family fun!

BLOGTALK RADIO (Air Date 7.19.16): Support When It Is Needed Most

Air Date: 7.19.16 You can read the transcript below or listen to the audio file by clicking here. Jennifer J.:                             Hi and welcome to Adoption Focus. My name is Jennifer Jaworski and I'm a social worker with Adoption Associates of Michigan. This is Adoption Associates' premier talk-radio blog show. Adoption Associates and its staff are trusted leaders in adoption and we have placed well over [...]